Abattoir #4

Abattoir #4
Radical comics
Written by Rob Levin & Troy Peteri
Art by Wayne Nichols & Rodell Noora

Ok, I reviewed the third book of this six series set about a month ago and said that you should read this set and don’t read it alone. Well, the fourth book came out and I got to read it. The main character now knows who’s pulling the strings on what’s happening to him and is trying to link him to what’s going on. With each step forward of what he’s doing, it takes him into a darker place than the one he just left. As always, I’m trying not to let out too much of the story. Like I said, this is good.

Just as before, the writing makes sense and fits for what’s going on. The accents are there to give each character their own voice. And just like before, they resonate with you (you can hear them after you’re done reading. Or is that me that just hears voices?). The art has that same dark overtone but, with the writing, it seems just a little more bit darker. Making sure this journey takes you to that place you know you have to go but don’t want to go there.

Overall, my opinion hasn’t changed on this series and this book carries that along. You care for the main character and want him to get back to normalcy in his life. You want to know who this villain is and why is he destroying this persons life and what is the end game. Each action taken makes sense, as if you were in that person’s shoes and struggling to dig your way out. In my humble opinion, get this book and the rest of the series and don’t read it alone. I give it 5 caps out of 5.