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Dark Horse Comics May

The Art of Star Wars Rebels Featuring never-before-seen concept art and process pieces from the production of the show! Includes exclusive commentary from the creative team behind Star Wars Rebels! Minecraft: Wither Without You TPB Jump into the Overworld with the first adventure of a three-volume series! The newest addition to the Dark Horse line […]

The Rock Ranch Mother’s Day

May 9 – Plan to give mom and/or grandma a special treat on Mother’s Day Weekend. We’ve moved a favorite event, Up, Up and Away Day, our hot air balloon rally to the spring time hoping for better weather than we’ve experienced in October. This date will offer extended hours to allow guests to enjoy […]


In Japan, the paradise garden developed from about the 12th century out of a newly acquired faith in Amida Nyorai, the Buddha who presides over a heaven-like realm beyond the western horizon called the Pure Land (Jodo). The shared notion guiding the design of all such gardens was that they were to provide solace and […]

Death of a Gangster

You’ve been invited to the Dunn Speakeasy for the wedding of the year! In this “married to the mob” event, you’ll never know whom to trust. Death of a Gangster is an interactive experience brought to life by The Murder Mystery Company at the Pompano Beach Cultural Center. This fully immersive experience also includes a […]

The Crow: Lethe #1

He is NULL NARCOS, popular performer in the FREAK-CHIC CIRCUS SIDESHOW, able to endure horrific violence on his body without pain. But outside his nightly shows, Null is a blank slate, with only faint but disturbing memories of who he was before revealed. When other performers begin dying mysteriously, Null is haunted by a golden-eyed […]


PEE-WEE HERMAN: BIG ADVENTURE ANNIVERSARY Saturday, March 14th at 7:30pm A special 35th anniversary screen of Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, followed by amazing stories about the making of the movie with Pee-wee himself, Paul Reubens! For more information, go to www.thecentercs.com.


Although it has been over 40 years since Bridge Over Troubled Water was recorded, Art Garfunkel’s image and signature vocal remain among the most instantly recognizable in popular music. His “beautiful countertenor,” as Neil Strauss described Art’s voice in The New York Times, is clear and resonant, surely one of the finest instruments in all […]

Spidey Mentalist

Spidey has captivated the minds of people around the world with his tours across North America, eight international TV shows and 11+ million online viewers. Spidey has performed on the stages of the Las Vegas Rio Casino and the iconic NYC Apollo Theatre. He was named US Mentalist of the Year 2017 and has performed […]

Michael D’Amore Live

Don’t miss singer, songwriter, and member of The Capris, Michael D’Amore, as he takes you on a musical journey of the very best hits from the 50’s and 60’s! For more than 30 years, Michael D’Amore has been a professional entertainer based out of the New York metropolitan area. Having performed in several genres, Michael […]