B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth Russia #3 of 5

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth Russia #3 of 5
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Mike Mignola & John Arcudi
Art by Tyler Crook

Things are not looking up for the Bureau since Hellboy has left. Before this issue, Abe’s been shot and is in a coma, Liz is in hiding after torching half of the planet and now we get to this issue. Two agents have gone to Russia for a special meeting with their Russian counterparts. They’re investigating zombies walking around a village, not attacking anyone, just stealing construction equipment and supplies. The Russians tracked the zombies back to their base and sent someone into check it out. He came out a tad different (like being subjected to too much of a purple dinosaur). Just imagine what the office gossip is like where they work.

This is the second book I’ve reviewed from this title and I’m seeing some good trends here. The paneling is the simple square, nothing fancy or exaggerated. They keep to that style, I like it for this. Also, the art is colorful and bright, even though the story is of a darker feel. You’d expect it to be otherwise but this counter really works for the story. Even the features and details are just enough off to give it just the right feel. Lastly, the writing, they really don’t weight the story down with too much dialog. The writers and artist let the story be told with the art, again this works really well.

I was only given this issue but because they did what I really appreciate, tell what happened in the other issues, I was able to follow along and could get into the story without asking too many questions. I would have liked to see some more humor come through, but I got used to that with Hellboy being there. Other than that, this was a good read and a story to follow. This is a story you should get the first two issues, catch up with what’s going on and then get this one as well, in my humble opinion. I give this 4 caps out of 5.