Blackout #1

Blackout #1 of 4
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Frank Barbiere
Art by Colin Lorimer

Scott Travers’ life has just gone completely nuts. Let’s start with the fact that he worked at a security lab that has gone boom. Then he finds a suit that allows him to walk through walls, solid objects and not be seen because he’s in a different dimension. Next his mentor and father figure disappears. Oh yeah, he doesn’t get along with his boss. Did I forget anything? So, when he wakes up after a bad experience of ripping a machine in half and finding everything else out, he decides to go on a recon mission, what could go wrong?

This is the first book that I read that didn’t have standard squares for the paneling, because of the story that’s being told, it really worked well. Also, the art was detailed. When dealing with a story like this, it works really well. As well as the cover art matches and catches your eye. The writing was solid. All the characters had their own voice, they were a little snippy with each other and Scott had the right type of self-talk as well. There were a couple of spots where you were looking for an answer but it wasn’t given, in this situation, I could overlook that. This story started in a DARK HORSE PRESENTS issue.

If you read that you know the fight that’s mentioned in the beginning of the book. But Dark Horse did the right thing by giving you a quick rundown before things started. This was good. I liked the story and could relate to the main character. The action hasn’t started fully but you feel the tense situation and want to know more. In my humble opinion, I’d say get the DHP book and then pick this one up. Most likely, you’ll get the others as well. I give this 4 caps out of 5.