Bonnie Lass: The Legend Part 3

Bonnie Lass: The Legend Part 3
Red 5 Comics
Written by Michael Mayne
Art by Tyler Fluharty

Bonnie is at it again. Since I wasn’t given the second issue to read, let’s pick up here in this one. Bonnie’s ship is captured by Monet and his crew. The statue and a scroll that’s in it brings up the Leviathan and can control it. So, what is Monet doing? He’s trying to get ancient technology to help him and the secret society, the Ebb Tide, to control their world. Bonnie, on the other hand, is just trying to get her ship back and find some treasure. In the battle that dominates this book, the statue and scroll get destroyed. Sending the Leviathan back into the deep. Bonnie takes Monet and her crew after it (just another day at the office).

This book didn’t hold me like the first one did. Now, this could be because I’m not sure of what’s going on, missing the second book. The art was the same and worked with the story; just exaggerated enough to show it’s not this world or time. The paneling was not as good as the first book I read. There were a couple of points, I thought, where a frame or two needed to be larger on the page, more dramatic. The writing was good as well, but for me, I would like to know what’s going on. For those people who miss an issue, add what happened in the last one to make sure everyone is on the same page.

For me, I didn’t dislike this but I wasn’t as absorbed as I was with the first one. As I pointed out, it could be that I’m behind and don’t know what brought everyone to what’s going on. Also, this is the issue just before the climax so we’re still in the climbing stage of the story, it’s usually just there to prep you for what’s about to happen. The characters had their same personalities and Bonnie still has her “charm” but the others were not really part of the story. In my humble opinion, if you read the second book, odds on you’ll like this one. I give it 3.5 caps out of 5.