Stuf’ Said examines the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby relationship

Kirby & Lee: Stuf’ Said examines the genesis of the Marvel Comics Universe 

Now shipping is TwoMorrows Publishing’s groundbreaking oral history, Kirby & Lee: Stuf’ Said. This new full-color book explores the creation of the Marvel Comics Universe through its creators’ own words, in chronological order, from fanzine, magazine, radio, and television interviews, to paint a clear picture of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s relationship—why it succeeded, where it deteriorated, and when it eventually failed.

Serving as the 75th issue of the acclaimed Jack Kirby Collector magazine, this book-size edition is researched, written, designed, and edited by TwoMorrows publisher John Morrow. His decades of experience as a comics historian led to him being called as an Expert Witness in the landmark copyright case Kirby v. Marvel Characters, Inc., and being asked to participate in the Amicus Brief presented to the US Supreme Court, encouraging it to hear the case before it was finally settled out of court in 2014—just days before the Justices were to announce if they would rule on it. As a result of that case, Kirby and Lee are now acknowledged as co-creators of most of the Marvel Comics super-heroes which are breaking box office records in films such as Avengers: Infinity War. However, that settlement didn’t determine who did what in their 1960s creation spree, so this book gives both Stan Lee and Jack Kirby their say, compares their recollections, and tackles the question, “Who really created the Marvel Comics Universe?”.

Titled as a riff on Stan Lee’s “Nuff Said” catchphrase, Stuf’ Said was completed just days before Lee’s recent passing, and gives the most comprehensive and enlightening account of the duo’s relationship ever undertaken. Also included are recollections from reclusive Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, Wallace Wood, John Romita Sr., and other mainstays from the 1960s Marvel Bullpen who worked with both Kirby and Lee. Rounding out this book is a study of the pair’s careers after they parted ways as collaborators, including Kirby’s difficulties at Marvel Comics in the 1970s, his last hurrah with Lee on the 1978 Silver Surfer Graphic Novel, and his exhausting battle to get back his original art—and creator credit—from Marvel in the 1980s, prior to his death in 1994.

Author/researcher John Morrow proclaims, “It is the single publication I’ve personally produced in my 25 years running TwoMorrows Publishing, that I am most proud of. When you see the ridiculous amount of research that went into chronologically documenting the quotes of Kirby, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and other Marvel Bullpenners, Ihope—no, I know you will love this book, if you have any interest in the evolution of Kirby and Lee’s relationship, and the creation of the Marvel Universe.” Morrow developed a novel typographic treatment to help readers follow this dense oral history, including color-coding Stan Lee’s extensive quotes in red, Jack Kirby’s in blue, and others’ recollections likewise set apart from the narrative text. The graphic result is being heralded as “an amazing feat of design, organization, and presentation”.

Readers are praising it as a landmark in comics journalism, with one early reviewer calling it a “crowning achievement—the research is impeccable.” Another says it’s “a model of readability and deep research, and still others consider it “a masterful job at giving an intense inside peek in a uniquely linear and super entertaining way…“; “very even-handed with [its] praise and criticism of Lee and Kirby“; and “the most thorough and entertaining piece of super-detective work I’ve ever seen.

The book is currently the #1 New Release on Amazon in Comics and Graphic Novel Literary Criticism, with an average review of 4.5 out of 5 stars. This full-color trade paperback is 160 pages long, and retails for $24.95. It is available now in both print and digital editions, through TwoMorrows’ website (, comic and bookstores through Diamond Comic/Book Distributors, and at

Philip K. Dick: A Comics Biography

One of the greatest writers in SF history, Philip K. Dick is mostly remembered for such works as Blade Runner, Minority Report and Total Recall. His dark fascinating work centered on alternate universes and shifting realities in worlds often governed by monopolistic corporations and authoritarian governments. His own life story seems a tussle with reality, going through five wives and becoming increasingly disjointed with fits of paranoia and hallucinations fueled by abuse of drugs meant to stabilize him. His dramatic story is presented unvarnished in this biography. For more information, go to

Barbarella/Dejah Thoris

Dynamite Entertainment is set to launch a brand new crossover as Leah Williams (Adventure Time Comics, X-Men: Black) teams with Carlos Gomez (Red Sonja) for a fun, deadly, mind-bending epic in Barbarella/Dejah Thoris! In Barbarella/Dejah Thoris, two heroines from opposite ends of time unite for an otherworldly adventure! Barbarella, the siren of space, meets Dejah Thoris, Princess of Barsoom, and together they must solve a murder mystery that spans time and space in order to find their way home. For more information, go to

Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep

In Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep, Ash embarks on a soul-searching road trip to Texas on a hunch that Elvis Presley may still be alive and kicking (and supposedly vanquished a mummy)! What follows is a series of universe-spanning events that involve an Elvis jumpsuit with special time-travel abilities, a trip to 70’s Vegas, plus the reveal of an evil new Book of the Dead, the Necronomicon Ho-Tep. The first issue of Army of Darkness/Bubba Ho-Tep delivers a wide selection of cover variants, providing fans and retailers a chance to collect the whole set! The cover artwork features the talents of Robert Hack (Mars Attacks), Carlos Gomez (Red Sonja), Emma Kubert, Diego Galindo (Power Rangers) and Tom Mandrake (To Hell You Ride), respectively. For more information, go to


Belzebubs is a “trve kvlt mockumentary” focusing on the everyday challenges of family life: raising kids, running a small business, and making time for worship. Except the kids are named Lilith and Leviathan, the business is a black-metal band, and the worship… isn’t exactly aimed upstairs. In a few short years, what started out as improvised social-media doodles has now become a wildly successful webcomic with hundreds of thousands of fans. The irresistible cartooning of JP Ahonen (Sing No Evil) combines relatable slice-of-life humor with over-the-top occult antics and references from metal music to Lovecraftian horror, making Belzebubs a devil of a good time. For more information, please go to

Voyage in Noise: Warren Ellis

Voyage in Noise: Warren Ellis and the Demise of Western Civilization, by Kevin Thurman and Julian Darius, examines Ellis’s body of work. The book explores (among other topics) how his early work for Marvel Comics prefigures the concerns of his later work, how his super-heroes respond to comics history, his use of religion, his use of violence, his fascination with lizards (and what they reveal about the human condition), and how his characters often use anger as a stimulus for revolutionary social action, in defiance of the West’s 21st-century malaise. Topical interviews with Ellis complement several essays, expanding the reader’s understanding of the themes in Ellis’s work. For more information, go to


In this rollicking collection featuring private investigator Nate Hollis, a routine visit to the dentist sends him into an underground world of addictive vices; hunts a killer in the dead of winter in Chicago; uncovers secrets from the buried past; stalks the stalker of super hero street performers in the back alleys of Tinseltown; braves the unforgiving streets of New York City to stop a killer, and more in this electric-charged assortment of stories.This edition also includes two previously published Hollis stories by Phillips, “King Cow” and “Hollywood Killer.” For more information, go to


The Future. Humanity has spread through the galaxy, along with innumerable other races and creatures. In the thousands of solar systems that men have reached you’ll find monarchies, dictatorships, anarchies, utopia, dystopia, and utter chaos. But one slightly stumbling thread weaves through every world, every society– The Interstellar Bartenders Guild. As man took the leap out it seems that bartenders had something to do with it. These are stories of how they provided the shove for said leap. There are fistfights, love and lust, exotic bars, drunks, and a Guild Master with a mystery. Most of all you’ll find people- good, bad, lost, found, and somewhere in the middle. Mankind has grasped the stars but the problems that have been around since a thousand year ago are still with them a thousand years from now. Good thing they have the Bartenders of the Guild to help them solve their problems. For more information, go to

American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1990s!

Do you want to talk about an awesome coffee table book for the holidays? The ultimate book for collectors? This is it. Love them or hate them, the 1990s shaped the modern era of comics as we know them, from feature films to series continuity or full character redux. Author and comics historian, Jason Sacks, has spent the past four years putting together the most complete and accurate historical timeline of the ’90s in his new book, American Comic Book Chronicles: The 1990s, published by TwoMorrows, in bookstores everywhere. Prior to his four-year dive into the ’90s, Jason was the founder of the comic news and review site Comics Bulletin. He also contributed to the American Comic Book Chronicles: 1980s and 1970s, respectively. For more information, go to

Somewhere Beyond the Heavens: Exploring Battlestar Galactica

Glen A. Larson’s Battlestar Galactica only lasted for a single season, yet it earned its place among the most beloved science-fiction shows of all time. In 2003, Ronald D. Moore reimagined the story. This new take proved hugely popular, revitalizing the once-niche franchise. Moore’s Galactica successfully accomplished something few reboots of classic TV shows have ever managed to do: surpassing the original in scope and longevity. Like the Cylons, Galactica had evolved.

Somewhere Beyond the Heavens: Exploring Battlestar Galactica, edited by Rich Handley and Lou Tambone, examines the entire mythos, both televised and published, from 40 different perspectives, just in time for the show’s 40th anniversary. This anthology features insightful, analytical essays about Galactica‘s history, penned by popular comic historians, novelists, bloggers, subject-matter experts, and franchise insiders, including Samuel Agro, Jim Beard, Corinna Bechko, Joseph F. Berenato, Joe Bongiorno, Jeffrey Carver, October Crifasi, Steven Czarnecki, Julian Darius, Joseph Dilworth Jr., Matthew J. Elliott, Kelli Fitzpatrick, James Frenkel, Sabrina Fried, Caroline Glucksman, Robert Greenberger, Rich Handley, Amy Imhoff, Brandon Jerwa, Robert Jeschonek, Fiona Moore, John Kenneth Muir, Alex Newborn, Peter Noble, Alan J. Porter, Tony Simmons, Paul Simpson, Robert Smith?, Alan Stevens, and Lou Tambone, with a painted cover by beloved Galactica artist Chris Scalf.

You say you want to know more about Battlestar Galactica? So say we all. The book runs a massive 572 pages, making it the longest book in Sequart history! for more information, go to

NBM Graphic Novels January Release Schedule

THE MERCENARY The Definitive Editions
Vol. 2 The Formula
Vicente Segrelles
Continuing the full reprint of the classic series in breathtaking reproduction and handsome keepsake quarterbound editions. The graphic novel series that set comics on a new path! The Mercenary embarks on one of his most perilous journeys ever as he tries to stop an unscrupulous alchemist who has stolen a highly dangerous mysterious formula. Each volume is complemented with articles at the back about the history and the making of this series over its gloried decades-long history. 9×12, 64pp., full color quarterbound hc, $17.99, ISBN 9781681121284, e-book: $9.99 For more information, go to

The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head

Top Shelf welcomes two remarkable British talents — ultra-short fiction writer David Gaffney and comic artist Dan Berry — in their first collaboration. The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head is a dark comedy about relationships, memory, loneliness and obsession.

Valerie has a rich interior life. Serially unlucky in love, to feel better she imagines that her previous boyfriends are dead and that their bodies are kept downstairs in the cellar in a strange, mummified state. Every day she brings them upstairs and speaks with them about what went wrong.

What follows is a series of peculiar, funny, and sometimes disturbing short tales about inept lovers, weird obsessions, and socially malfunctioning men who repeatedly fail to build a relationship with poor Valerie.

Apart from Stanley. Stanley was special. Could he be the one to save her?

The Three Rooms in Valerie’s Head is a full-color softcover graphic novel with French flaps, 9.5″ x 6.5″ (landscape format), 120 pages. For more information, go to

The Out of Timers

Pro Se Productions Presents the Latest Episode of the Future of Digital Storytelling-THE PRO SE THRILLER OF THE WEEK. Each week, a new ‘episode’ of one of four rotating series will be released as a digital ebook for your reading pleasure. From Espionage to Supernatural, From Crime To Suspense, each week readers can find what they need in the PRO SE THRILLER OF THE WEEK.

The Out-Of-Timers: Episode Two-FEVER by DAVIDE MANA
Three people, each experts in their respective fields, and near masters in many things. For different reasons, they are considered to be not long for this world, living on borrowed time. They each have also been known to be risk takers, daredevils of a sort, so even without their own individual issues, they could, at any minute, put themselves in situations that could take them out. They are brought together as a group by a man known only as Mister Davies to form the most unique of teams. Working both on individual missions and as a group, The Out-Of-Timers are sent on jobs to basically confront evil, help those who need it, and save the world.

Deadly Diseases in a Designer World!
A relief hospital is attacked in Africa, its staff massacred. The mysterious Mister Davies puts his three best operatives into play to determine if terrorism, rebellion, or something more sinister is at play. Between globe spanning espionage, death defying action, and stunning, horrifying science, the aged spy, the terminally ill scientist, and the marked ex cop uncover something that they’ve never seen. A plot that may mean the entire world is Out of Time.

THE OUT-OF-TIMERS: FEVER by Davide Mana. Concept created by Tommy Hancock.

Featuring a thrilling cover, logo design, and formatting by Antonino Lo Iacono and Marzia Marina, THE OUT-OF-TIMERS: FEVER is available now at Amazon at

Amigo Comics January 2018 Solicitations

The team at Amigos are honored to present a preview to one incredible and legendary book. Jack Kirby! Wallace Wood! Yes, here at Amigo Comics, edited by Ferran Delgado… SKYMASTERS! Just a week left to pre-order as the cutoff-date is dawning upon us, so this deserves to be mentioned again, pre-ordered preferably via your friendly neighborhood comic book dealer! Look for us in Diamond Previews! Jack Kirby, one of the greatest comic artists, was born 100 years ago this year and Geek Culture has reflected extensively on his comics career. A relentless entrepreneur with an indefatigable work ethic, Kirby was always trying new things. As you’d expect, he tried the newspaper comic route too. Kirby’s Sky Masters was his foray into the world of comic strips. It became a gorgeous looking strip with a crazy backstory. And then add another legendary artist, Wallace Wood, to the tale. Amigo Comics is bringing it back to the world for us all to enjoy, in a truly unique fashion. The background of the strip is as fascinating as the strip itself, because the consequences of what happened around it blacklisted Kirby, and pushed him over to Marvel. For the first time ever, it will display áll the Sundays with its original color by Kirby painstakingly remastered like if they were brand new. It took many months working full time to accomplish! Amigo Comics will publish about 90 panels never seen before. Furthermore, the Hardcover Book will include a large section with the original color guides painted by Kirby over stats, where you can enjoy the linework without any kind of distortion by printing.

For more information, go to

Amigo Comics Febuary 2018 Solicitations

Call of the Suicide Forest #2 (of 5)
Story: Desiree Bressend
Art: Ruben Gil
Cover: Toni Fejzula

Retailer incentive cover, served 1:10, by maestro Pasqual Ferry!

Close to Mount Fuji lies the Aokigahara forest, the cradle of horrific ghost stories, one gloomy place notorious because of the many people going there to end their own lives…

Portia, haunted by the spectral figures of the Yokai, cannot help but return to the Suicide Forest. The ranger Ryoko, puzzled by the circumstances surrounding the young woman who attempted suicide, finds no solace in her master’s words and approaches the lonely Buddhist monk of Aokigahara: the man called Deshimaru.

This miniseries is the sequel of the acclaimed graphic novel The Suicide Forest, written by El Torres with art by Gabriel Walta, masterfully written by Desiree Bressend with the artwork by Ruben Gil, but it can be read independently. And this time, a Retailer incentive cover, served 1:10, by maestro Pasqual Ferry!

UPC Code: 732030830844—00211
DEC171087 – STL071941
Alternate cover: DEC171088 – STL072123
32 pages FC

Toni Fejzula (Dark Horse’s Dead Inside, Veil…) has created the covers of the miniseries, a set of five connected covers! Check them each month!

Tales of Rogues! #2 (of 6): Games Edge!
Writer: Desiree Bressend
Art: Jose Antonio Sollero
Color: Juanma Cañada
Cover: Pasqual Ferry
UPC Code: 713482801859—00211
DEC171089 – STL071948
32 pages FC

Want to read more stories about Bram and Weasel? Tales of Rogues! are auto-conclusive comics by new, emerging hot artists!

Where are the boundaries between fantasy and reality? Is the world just a video game? Are we the owners of our own actions? Join Greg, the friendless nerd, following Weasel in a world of adventure games with dragons, chickens, and enchantresses with ambiguous genitalia!

Desiree Bressend is the amazing writer behind Call of the Suicide Forest, and has also collaborated with Jose Antonio Sollero in Spanish comics like Spanish Civil War: 1937. Their approach to Rogues! in this self-conclusive story will knock your socks off!

Each month, we will present a book with a different team. Some stories take place in the Rogues continuity, but others are “elseworlds”. We just wanted to give our creators complete freedom to show how cool their stories and their skills are! For more information, go to