Book Review Of The Month – Darkwing Duck Annual

How many of you remember Saturday morning cartoons or coming home from school and turning on afternoon cartoons? Well, one of those characters was Darkwing Duck from Disney and Boom Studios has released an annual that took me back to those days. Good ‘ol DW, which his sidekick Launchpad McQuack calls him, faces one of his old foes in an old school, cartoon style throwdown. I’m trying not to give too much away, even though, if you are a fan, it would be just like one of his cartoons. Just written out in a comic book form.

I really can’t say anything bad about this book. It was fun from the covers, through the two stories inside, the action, jokes, everything about it. When I was reading it, I was happy that the art is just like that of the cartoon. There’s multiple reasons for that, one I’ll get to later. As I said, it took me back to the early ’90’s when I would watch after high school . . . oh, like you didn’t do the same. But I digress, in the comic, St. Canard seems to become bigger than the one in the cartoon and has more life.

So many things are right about this. One is that it’s just like most things from Disney, it’s very family friendly. If you check the website for the free comic book day, Darkwing is going to be one. The jokes are appropriate for the whole family. Some of the jokes, the adults will get and the kids might not but that’s half the fun. The violence is at the right level. There’s already a series but if you liked those afternoons with the Disney cartoons or if you’re looking for something to get your kids into comics, this is it. In my humble opinion.