Book Reviews Of The Month – Insurrection V3.6 #1

Insurrection V3.6 #1 of 4

Boom Studios

Written: Blake Masters & Michael Alan Nelson

Art: Michael Penick

Imagine if you will, a world where all negative things like poverty, war and pollution are things of the past. Everything is content where you are but to make that world exist, we have to take those negative things and essentially put them on other planets. Then, the people that fight those conflicts, mine the needed material are all androids or robots. How would you treat them? That’s one of the questions that comes up in Insurrection V3.6. The question gets harder when one of “them” has awareness and self-realization. The other robots and androids have their own personalities, the ability to care for each other but not to question why they are here.

This is an old thought that is brought up, if you’ve been a fan of sci-fi for any amount of time. The question though never gets old and never has a real right answer. Going through the story, I enjoyed it. The story kept me reading, wanting to see what the next move is going to be. Each character has a personality that is unique so the character stands out. I liked the art because, to me, it pulls you in. The art doesn’t dominate the story or detract from it; it fits.

This is the first of four books coming from this series and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens to the main characters. Also where are the writers going to take the question I posed earlier or if it’s going to be addressed even further (since it was one of the first pages, I’d put down good money it will be). There wasn’t much humor in this but that’s to be expected with the storyline that was given. In my humble opinion, get this book and the rest of the series when it comes out.