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A Treasury of XXth Century Murder: The Black Dahlia

On January 15, 1947, a woman was walking with her daughter in a Los Angeles neighborhood. She passed what looked to be a discarded manikin. It turned out to be the body of Elizabeth Short: posed, drained of blood, meticulously scrubbed, and cut in two. From this point, Geary reconstitutes and reveals for us the life of this 22 year old woman who had become known as “Black Dahlia” because of her striking appearance. She had moved to LA to make it in show business. How could her life have ended in such a ghastly fashion? Was it a jealous boyfriend, a rejected suitor, or one of LA’s notorious mafia connections whom she had apparently been dabbling with? The case gets more complex when, days later, a local newspaper receives a cut-out letter from an anonymous “Black Dahlia Avenger” admitting to the crime. More letters follow toying with the LAPD. Eisner Award winner Geary takes us through all the twists and turns in one of the most captivating unsolved mysteries of the 20th century in this latest installment of his Treasury of XXth Century Murder. For more information, go to nbmpub.com.

A Treasury of XXth Century Murder: The Axe-Man of New Orleans

Now in paperback and e-book. Nights of terror! A city awash in blood! New Orleans right after the First World War. The party returns to the Big Easy but someone looks to spoil it. Grocers are being murdered in the dead of night by someone grabbing their axe and hacking them right in their own cushy beds! The pattern for each murder is the same: a piece of the door is removed for entry, the axe is borrowed on the property, and the assailant aims straight for the head! Why? How could he fit through that piece in the door? The man is never found for sure but speculations abound which Geary presents with his usual gusto! For more information, go to nbmpub.com.

Amigo Comics December 2018 Solicitations

A series of one-shots where the heroes and anti-heroes meet! In this first issue, the Lady of the Chainsaw fights the Survivor of the Apocalypse in a duel to the death… in Hell in: Nancy in Hell vs The Apocalypse Girl! And we have a new Sallybooks-imprint title called 2200!

CROSSOVER #1 of 4: Nancy in Hell vs The Apocalypse Girl
Author(s): El Torres
Artist(s): Alberto Hernández
Cover Artist(s): Alberto Hernández

At last! The links between the worlds will be revealed, and the characters of Amigo Comics will meet each other! A series of one-shots where our heroes meet! In this first issue, the Lady of the Chainsaw fights the Survivor of the Apocalypse in a duel to the death… in Hell!

Nancy in Hell vs The Apocalypse Girl!
Frequency of Publication: Bi-monthly
Intended Audience: Teen +
Genre Action, Supernatural
Format Comic book, FC, 28 pages
Retail Price: $3,99
UPC: 689247545705-00111

Author(s): Massimo Rosi
Artist(s): Eduardo Mello
Cover Artist(s): Eduardo Mello

Tony’s artificial body is in pieces, abandoned in a rusty dump, devoured by the cold desperation of memories. But the last thing to die is hope, even in the eternal darkness of the slums, and it will change the spirit of the broken man… inside the soul of the machine.

Intended Audience: Mature readers
Genre Science Fiction
Format Comic book, FC, 28 pages
Retail Price: $3,99
UPC Code: 689247545699-00311

Author(s): El Torres
Artist(s): Juanma C. Aguilera
Cover Artist(s): Angel Hernandez

Where the rogue magician Drood has an outburst of heroism, where Professor Hawke reveals his weariness, and where the Ghost Lens sheds light over the hidden reality to the eyes of all London.

Frequency of Publication: Monthly
Intended Audience: Mature readers
Genre Horror, Victorian
Format Comic Book, FC, 28 pages
Retail Price: $3,99
ISBN: 689247545682-00411
Sallybooks and Amigo bring the best for kids and young readers!
Amigo Comics' new imprint -Sallybooks- is intended for children and young teens. 2200. The adventures of Fran and Picky (oneshot)

Author(s): Lain de Macías & Dani Blanc
Planet Earth, year 2200. Fran awakes in a deserted funfair, next to a speaking bird called Picky, and they will become adventure mates. This is an original and nice story that will make you enjoy the future.

Intended Audience: Kid Books, Ages 6+
Genre: Kids
Format : 7,87402 x 10,236 inches. 52 pages, FC.
Retail Price: $9,99
ISBN: 978-8417255190-50999

Judge Dredd: Toxic! #1

Celebrated British writer Paul Jenkins takes his first shot at Judge Dredd! The death of a genetically modified toxic waste worker leads to a startling discovery that fuels anti-immigration fervor and threatens to spill over into the streets of Mega-City One. For more information, go to idwpublishing.com.

Funny Zombie

FUNNY ZOMBIE is a book for small children written by Kailee Hancock. Now twelve years old, Kailee first created Funny Zombie when she was five. Now this unique character and his entire host of spooky and humorous friends star in their own children's book. From Vampire Vance to Smiley the Ghost to Funny himself, the crew of characters in this book show kids and adults how to be friends with all kinds of people and how to simply be yourself and enjoy life as you! Whimsically illustrated by Jo Sumrall, FUNNY ZOMBIE is definitely a children's book like no other and will be a hit with kids of all ages.

FUNNY ZOMBIE features a hauntingly cute cover and matching interiors by Jo Sumrall and logo design and print formatting by Antonino Lo Iacono and Marzia Marina and is available in print for $10.99 at https://www.amazon.com/dp/1728960959?keywords=funny+zombie+hancock&qid=1540679858&sr=8-2-fkmrnull&ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_2and on Pro Se’s own store at www.prose-press.com/store.

Spotlight on Alan Moore

Minutes to Midnight: Twelve Essays on Watchmen, edited by Richard Bensam, examines Watchmen from a variety of perspectives to uncover surprising answers to many questions. What does it reveal about the history of scientific theory? How is the atom bombing of Hiroshima refracted through its pages? Does Watchmen’s murder mystery measure up to the standards of Raymond Chandler? Is the depiction of Rorschach an unfair caricature of the philosophy of Steve Ditko? Where are the secrets of Captain Metropolis and the Minutemen revealed? Was the Comedian right all along? Who shouldn’t read Watchmen? What are the limits of Watchmen and do they extend beyond a major motion picture?

No matter how well you know the story, you’re sure to learn something new about Watchmen here. The book runs a comfy 180 pages. It's available from sequart at sequart.org/books/21/and-the-universe-so-big-understanding-batman-the-killing-joke/.

The Cyberpunk Nexus

In 1982, a new benchmark was set for science-fiction film with the release of Blade Runner. Based on the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by the acclaimed novelist Philip K. Dick and directed by Ridley Scott, Blade Runner was a visual and philosophical tour-de-force, set in a dystopian future in which artificially intelligent replicants, nearly indistinguishable from humans, are hunted down by police-operatives known as Blade Runners. Featuring the talents of Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Young, Joanna Cassidy, Edward James Olmos, and Darryl Hannah, the film tackled numerous themes and birthed controversies that have been poured over by fans and critics ever since. Blade Runner has also inspired literary and comic-book spin-offs, and a cinematic sequel released in 2017.

The Cyberpunk Nexus: Exploring the Blade Runner Universe examines the entire Blade Runner saga, from the original novel to its numerous film iterations. The book features a foreword by Paul M. Sammon (Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner). Essayists include Bryce Carlson (of BOOM! Comics’ Sheep adaptation), Paul J. Salamoff, Robert Meyer Burnett, Rich Handley, Zaki Hasan, Julian Darius, and many others, with a cover by popular artist Matt Busch.

The book runs a massive 416 pages, covering every aspect of Blade Runner history. The Cyberpunk Nexus: Exploring the Blade Runner Universe is available from sequart at sequart.org/books/53/the-cyberpunk-nexus-exploring-the-blade-runner-universe/.

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