Brielle and the Horror

Brielle and the Horror
Loaded Barrel Studios
Written by Jared Barel & Jordan Barel
Art by Jared Barel & Alex Goz

Being six-teen is tough. There are all sorts of peer pressure, from smoking, drugs, sex, drinking and a bunch of other things. So, what could make things worse? Well, what if you blacked out and when you came to, bad things happened? What if people died sometimes when this happened? You had no explanation for this but you just wanted to be left alone (fat chance in high school). Brielle is having this life. She knows there’s something inside of her that is trying to get out, but if it does, those she loves and everyone else will suffer.

There are so many things I can say about the writing on this, easy to follow, it didn’t get wordy or drawn out. It all worked. The art itself is like nothing I’ve seen before, the writer and artist took pictures and then drew over them to show what he wanted. In the forward, he said it was to get the proportions right, but it added a look that added to the story. Lastly, the paneling added to this story, sometimes squares, sometimes odd shapes but it all worked. The cover is also going to draw you in.

When I got this, I saw that it was a bit long but I read the forward and saw that this is basically two books in one. The creators introduced it and were surprised that there was good response. I don’t know why they were surprised. This was something that I couldn’t stop reading. The story pulls you in and holds you. You worry for Brielle, wonder what’s happening. In my humble opinion, get this, read it and beg for more stories to come because if they can keep this level up, there’s no telling how many can be sold. I give it 5 caps out of 5.