Christopher Daniels Interview

One of the founding wrestlers for TNA is Christopher Daniels. He has been a multi time X-Division and tag team champion. Beyond TNA, he has wrestled all over and was given the title of “The King of the Indies.” And he is a comic book fan (you can call him a geek if you want but I enjoy breathing). Daniels is coming down for the LOCKDOWN PPV on March 9th but I had a chance to talk to him beforehand and ask a few questions about comic books and how he brings his love of them into the ring.

One of his favorite comic book characters is Magneto. Daniels said that he likes Magneto because he feels justified in his beliefs and what he is doing. That there is a means to an end; Daniels tries to bring that to his character in TNA. Not only are he and his BAD INFLUENCE partner Frankie Kazarian justified in their action but “We’re the best, the smartest, the cleverest. . . He’s me just turned all the way up.” One of Daniels first characters was a religious figure called The Fallen Angle but he thought that character would be too controversial, “When I was doing him, I felt like I was struggling in another man’s clothes.”

TNA just came back from a very successful tour of the United Kingdom. Daniels said that he loves going over because it is just an event, “We go over once a year and its instant feedback. You have to step up your game.” On this trip, a new tag team was introduced in THE WOLVES. I told Daniels that I saw THE WOLVES like BAD INFLUENCE from a few years ago, hungry to go out and show the world what they can do. Daniels said that he wrestled with them before and knows what they can do; he’s looking forward to having a match and tearing down the house. Talking to Daniels, I know how much he loves what he does and what he puts on for the fans. On March 8th and 9th, we fans can show him how we feel by getting tickets to LOCKDOWN and giving everyone in TNA the best audience they’ve had. Get your tickets at