Hacktivist #3 of 4

Hacktivist #3 of 4
Archaia Black Label
Written by Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
Art by Marcus To

CIO Edwin Hiccox has decided to move out of tracking business patterns for YOURLIFE and taken a stand with the people of Tunisia by creating the website .sve_urs3lf. Now he’s taken it a step further, he’s flown into the country and is ready to help the best that he can with their revolution to oust a tyrannical government. He meets a point of contact with the resistance force and is already on the run. All the time, his old company is searching for him because of the damage he’s done and the information he stole. This is what you get when you leave your cubical for the real world.

As I read, I saw that the art fit well with the story. It didn’t take away from what was trying to be told but I don’t think that it added as well. It could have used something else but I’m not sure what. But the cover art really didn’t tell you what was inside, I think it could have used that. The paneling worked as well, I did not get lost from one to another, simple shapes worked in this story. Lastly, the writing worked for the book only, meaning I don’t know what happened beforehand. When the character was speaking a different language, the writers let you know, I liked that.

I’ve said this before about getting a book cold; I like it when I have a heads up of what happened in previous issues. The writers choose not to do this; I think that was a detriment to what they were trying to say. Don’t get me wrong, what I read, I enjoyed but if I was aware of what happened before, I would be more vested in this issue. In my humble opinion, if you want to get this, read the first two, then get this one. I give this 3 caps out of 5.