Prototype 2: The Anchor Part 2 & The Survivors Part 1

Prototype 2: The Anchor Part 2 & The Survivors Part 1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Dan Jolley
Art by Paco Díaz & Chris Staggs

I’m quickly coming to the conclusion that I should not review comics based off of games that I haven’t played. I just read two offerings for Prototype 2. I’m guessing they’re the second and third books in a series. Each has a different story about something that happened. The first deals with someone who was exposed to the Blacklight Virus and the other is a man trying to protect two survivors out of the New York Red Zone. There is no real introduction to tell you what happened either in the first book or in the game.

I’ll combine both reviews here. Now the writing was good for the most part. I was able to follow what was going on once I was in the book but again, there was nothing to tell me what happened before. That’s something I find real handy. The art is a little more graphic so you may not want younger kids to read these. Having said that, they were well drawn out and the art matched the feel of the two stories. Nothing really out of the ordinary for the paneling; so it was easy for me to follow both of the stories.

Both of these are going to be $.99 and are only 14 pages long. The stories take play between the Prototype and Prototype 2 games. I was able to get the jest of what’s going on but there are parts were I was a little lost. This storyline was pretty interesting and I wouldn’t mind seeing what happens to the two sets of characters. But there are questions that come up, are these two separate stories that don’t meet? What caused all of this and I don’t know if these will be answered. Overall, I’d say for the price, pick the full line up, in my humble opinion. I give this 3.5 caps out of 5.