Seven Warriors #1 of 3

Seven Warriors #1 of 3
Boom Studios
Written by Michaël Le Galli
Art by Francis Manapul

Boom has taken off to a far off place and time in their latest offering. We are somewhere in time in Tamasheq, capitol kingdom of N’Nas Amon. Two of their main enemies have united and began attacking. All of their men have been sent out to battle and there are only women, children and those unable to fight inside the walls. The queen has little choice but to hire mercenaries from other lands to protect her people but she wants to protect the prince, her son by sending him away and for him to find a good wife and continue the royal bloodline. As most of you are probably saying right about now, “Haven’t we heard this somewhere before?” Yeah.

I was able to pull out good and bad from this book. Let’s start with the good. The art had a nice feel to it that made me think I was looking into a different place and time. When telling a story like this, I want that. Each panel was well placed and I didn’t get lost trying to follow the story. Now for the bad, I had an issue with the writing on a few different things. For starters, they didn’t tell us what time this was. Was it in a different dimension or was it in our past? When the story changed points, we weren’t told how much time passed. Also, it seemed that there were gaps in the storyline and I couldn’t tell if this is on purpose or not.

Just as a heads up for everyone reading, this book is a little more mature so if you have younger kids looking for a book to read, this isn’t it. But for me, even though this is the first of three, I’m not sure if I’ll read anymore. The writing didn’t draw me in and keep me. I liked the art and the storyline had merit but I can’t get past what I pointed out. There should have been more. In my humble opinion, you may just want to scan this at the store and leave it there; this isn’t a keeper. I give it 2.5 caps out of 5.