Seven Warriors #3

Seven Warriors #3
Boom Studios
Written by Michaël Le Galli
Art by Francis Manapul

Well, this is the third and final installment of this story. I missed the second story but from what I can gather they’re trudging across the desert, a few more of the warriors are dead, the prince is more confident of himself on this mission to meet his bequeathed bride (his cousin, eww) and the warriors who are still alive are given a bonus. That’s about as much as I can say without blowing the whole ending. I will say they do get to where they need and come across something that they weren’t expecting.

Ok, for those of you who read my review of the first book will not be shocked when I point out the same things, I figured they would have picked up on this stuff. The positive, the art from Francis Manapul did fit what they were trying to do, take us away from the here and now to somewhere else. Each panel flowed into the next, which helps the story along. Now, for me to repeat myself (I hate it when I have to do this) they didn’t tell you of the passage of time from one frame to the next. The story had holes in it and I don’t think it was because I missed the second issue.

Overall, this is one of those stories that I compare to those direct-to-DVD movies that you can rent, it was ok to watch once and give it back, or use it to run commentary on like a famous show with two robots and their mechanic. There are some good points to this series but unfortunately the negatives outweigh them. I don’t foresee this going any further than what has been done. I’d say read it in the store and leave it there, in my humble opinion. I give this 2.5 caps out of 5.