Skyman #1

Skyman #1
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by Manuel Garcia

Sometimes those who are picked to be heroes can’t take the stress (understandable, if you think about it). They either take it out on themselves or they take it out on the world around them. The Skyman Project was created to replace Captain Midnight. But because the current Skyman went crazy, it was shut down. Now, the project needs to find a replacement that will be able to handle the stress and be able to stand as a symbol that everyone can look up to. The person they find might be more than what they wanted and more of what the world needs.

This is the first book in the offering and the writing was done well. They told you the back story so you could feel included in the world and know what is happening. The art worked in this story. It was detailed but had enough subtle differences to help you know that this world, isn’t like ours completely. Also, the cover art is the same as the art in the story. As I’ve oft said, I like that. Simple squares and shapes help the paneling keep the story flowing and complements the writing, another plus for this read.

Reading through this, the story is a great way to start a new line (I do enjoy reading #1’s that do this), you know the back story, you see the conflict that the hero is dealing with on all levels and you can see where any of those conflicts can go. If Dark Horse can keep this level up with this new character, I don’t see any reason why this book won’t be a success. In my humble opinion, get this book and keep reading it until the next one comes out. I give this 5 caps out of 5.