The Vault #1

The Vault: #1 of 3
Image Comics
Written by Sam Sarkar
Art by Garrie Gastonny

Growing up and living in South Florida, you get used to hearing about treasure hunters looking at old shipwrecks, coral caves and other stuff in the ocean. This book looks at that but takes it with a twist. There’s a group of fortune hunters looking at an area that is known for shipwrecks but there is a legend of a large treasure that hasn’t been discovered. After bringing in a late edition to help dig, they found some treasure but not enough to call it a success. After some further digging they find something else. I’ll stop there because you all know how I feel about spoilers.

I really liked the art and cover of this book. It was very detailed and gave the reader a feeling of being off these islands. Each character had a different look. The writing was solid, and that’s the best that I can say. The characters really didn’t have any discernable accents and I’m finding that I like it when they break up the story and let you know if there is a time change, which they did not do. But I will say they gave background of the story before you start. Yet the story wasn’t more than just telling about the dig and the paneling was good.

Overall, I know what they are doing is laying the foundation for the rest of the story but I think that they went too much into the back of the story and not getting into the things that will keep the reader interested. Now there is a trend of setting up for the trade and I think that’s what they are doing, here I don’t think it worked. The story does seem interesting and I might be more accepting when the second book comes out but not so much with this one. In my humble opinion, you might want to skip this until all three are together and you can get the lot of them, depending on what happens in the next issues. I give this 2.5 caps out of 5.