TNA Lock Down

I’m going to say this up front, I’m a wrestling nerd. I’ve been a fan since I was about 12-years-old. So, I’ve seen my share. Keep that in mind as I get on my soap box for a bit. For every industry and product, there is always competition. Fast food restaurants, they usually setup shop across the street from each other, sodas, across the isle in any grocery store, just about any service or product you can think of. This does a few different things, one, it keeps prices down because if one company overcharges, you go to the other, if the service is bad, you go to the other, if the product stinks… you get the point. Well, wrestling is no different. Just about everyone knows about the huge company out there that, in my humble opinion, has become stale with the story and sometimes with the matches. One of its competitors is TNA (Total Nonstop Action), it’s been around for almost 12 years, yet it’s either not noticed, tossed aside or put down for whatever the reason. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you how wrong that is and to tell you how to find out how good it can be.

I’m going to start off with telling you about the last TNA event I went to. They did a show in Fort Lauderdale. When I went, I took my son with me and we had good seats. All the names were there, Bully Ray, Austin Aries, Gail Kim and the legendary referee Earl Hebner. All the matches were great, fun to watch and kept the audience involved and entertained. Even for a house show, the wrestlers treated it like it was one of their weekly shows and made sure everyone went home happy, I can tell you that has not always been the case when I’ve been to other shows. When there was a chance, you could get autographs and get a quick word in with the talent. My son tried to haggle Don West down on a price for an action figure; that was fun.

I can hear some of you now pointing out how things have been during the Hogan/Bischoff years, the fact that they took away the six-sided ring, how the X-Division isn’t highlighted as much. My question to you is this; did that huge company always have great ideas for their talent? Did they always do what was best for the fans? Right now, I can honestly tell you NO! NO! NO! Everyone has growing pains, sometimes a company takes a few steps back from the progress they’ve gained. But when that happens, they usually get stronger. I expect nothing less from TNA. As a company, they have made changes that show they are looking to the future.

Now, TNA is coming back to South Florida with their LOCKDOWN PPV on March 9 at the Bank United Center. Each match that night could be a main event anywhere else. Also, TNA is having a Fan Interaction the day before where you can meet the wrestlers and talent, get autographs and pictures with them. Of the wrestlers that I’ve met in the past, the ones that have been with TNA have always been cordial, friendly and receptive. This is the time to see one show and, for a lack of a better term, give them a chance. See what they can offer. You can get tickets at for both the Fan Interaction and the LOCKDOWN PPV.