TNA Weekend

Ok, for every event that I’ve been to with TNA Wrestling, I have never been disappointed. This weekend, TNA was in Miami for their Fan Interaction event on Saturday and their LOCKDOWN PPV on Sunday. I was able to attend both in Miami.

The only bad thing about the Fan Interaction was the drive down from North Broward down to the south part of Miami. I attended the last one of the day. On our way in, I got to meet and talk to Dixie Carter, the owner of the company. I said hello but she seemed to be paying more attention to my son (I’ve grown used to that). She was approachable and didn’t mind answer a couple of questions. After my son got her autograph, we went into the ballroom where this event was taking place. Now, this was setup different from another meet-and-greet session I’ve been to. The last one had the rat mazes set up; the talent sat behind a table and did, for a lack of a better term, robo-signing. The standard, greet, sign, shake hands and you move on. This was not setup that way, there were tables and a way to walk up to the person and that’s it. Ok, when the talent came out and started, you could get near them, talk to them, ask questions and take pictures. This was very well done and more personable, in my opinion. They signed anything and if you wanted, you could get an extra autograph. Both my son and I had a great time, we joked around with a couple of the wrestlers and was able to see them out of character).

The cage for Sunday LOCKDOWN PPV was already setup and ready to go. Everyone had a good seat and was ready to go. When the announced team came out, it was to cheers. When Taz’s music hit and he came out from behind the wall, he almost saunters out with a look of, “Yeah, I’m bad and I know it.” As the night started almost all the matches were top notch. The ring looked too small at times for the action that was going on. But every time that something big needed to happen, to either get the crowd back into it or just to push the excitement level higher, it did and everyone was vested in the match. When Mr. Anderson came out talking (part of his character), he had the crowd essentially eating out of his hand. The “Last Man Standing” match with Gunner and James Storm was a sheer slugfest, the opener six-man tag match was fast and enjoyable. Finally, the main event, Lethal Lockdown ended the night and it lived up to expectation.

Watch TNA and see what they have. I’m certain that it will have you coming back every week. If they’re in town, go see them. If you can meet any of them, do it. In my humble opinion, they have everything they need to go to the next level, and I think they will.