Translucence, Wild Horses: #1 of 6

Boom Studios
Written by Chondra Echert & Claudio Sanchez
Art by Daniel Bayliss
The Navigator lives in a world where he has dispatched most, if not all of his major nemeses. Over time, when a situation calls for a hero, he’s shown up less and less and no one knows why. Did he stop caring, what he injured and can no longer carry the mantle, who can say? But when his biggest foe, The Horse, is released after being exonerated, The Horse is taken hostage. Now, this brings out The Navigator to save him, why? Is it out of duty, is it out of respect, is it because The Navigator in some way needs his greatest villain?

Reading through this, the story had a solid idea but the flow of it was choppy. Things would start to go and something would just stop the flow and it didn’t really work for me. I would liked to have a little heads up on the world they’re talking about, a note on the inside cover to introduce you. The art was well done. It had the detail to fit the story but just off enough to let you know this isn’t our world. The paneling was simple squares and block shapes, again, this worked. Also, the cover matched the art that was inside. Again, this is something that I like.

Now, those of us that have read comics for sometime know the relationships that form between heroes and their villains. A codependency that forms that really isn’t healthy. This story hints at that but the need isn’t from the villain needing the hero, it feels like the other way around. The story has a draw but it felt like it could have been better. In my humble opinion, read this book in the store and wait to see how the second goes. I give this 3.5 caps out of 5.