Usagi Yojimbo: Two Hundred Jizo

Usagi Yojimbo: Two Hundred Jizo
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Stan Sakai
Art by Stan Sakai

Dark Horse did something that was really cool. They give credit to the previous companies who carried Usagi Yojimbo (of the TMNT fame) by pointing out this is the 200 issue of the title. Here, Usagi ends up in a village living in fear of ruthless outlaws. When the outlaws hear the Usagi is in the village, they call him out after he stops one of them from attacking a woman. What happens next, I really can’t tell you because y’all know how I feel about spoilers. But let me pose these questions, will he succeed in defending the village or will they stand up for themselves (ok, so they’re typical, so what)?

This book was truly a solid offering from Sakai. When I read through it, the art is pencil black and white. This really fit with what was being told, just like the movie Seven Samurai can only be shown in black and white. Each voice holds true, the writing was very well done and the story stands alone but you can see it as part of an ongoing story. Keeping with the simple style shown, the paneling is very simple and didn’t need anything extra. One thing that I drew me to this offering is the fact that my son at seven can read this.

The story is very kid friendly but can keep adults in it as well. I was able to sit down and be drawn into this, just like I would with the old wire-fu movies or the older samurai movies of old. Yet, I could hand this to my son and he would read it and I wouldn’t worry about the content. It does show death but in a very appropriate way that it would not give him nightmares. This is something that you can share with just about everyone. In my humble opinion, this is one to get. I give it 5 caps out of 5.