A New Day

This is the only book I ever dreamed. I literally woke up with the idea fully formed. I know that sounds nuts. But when I woke up that morning, I remember thinking, “That’s an actual story.” And it was: Sunday quits. Just like that. Then the other days of the week hold tryouts for… A New Day.

From there, we got Caldecott Medal-winning artist Dan Santat to draw it, and now, after nearly two years, the book is finally on sale.

To buy A New Day, go here: https://www.ordinarypeoplechangetheworld.com/Books/A-New-Day

To get signed or personalized copies, call Books & Books at 305-442-4408 before next Saturday. Otherwise, the only public events we’re doing are here: https://bradmeltzer.com/Press-Room/Book-Tour

As for Sunday, you’ll see exactly why she quits. And it’s a reason that so many of us can relate to today. We’re all worn down, which is why we all need to cuddle up with our kids and some books. Especially when Dan based Saturday on Jeff Spicoli and Sunday on The Dude.

In the end, this is really a book about kindness – and proof that if you show that kindness to others, every day can be a new day.

So if you like the book, please tell someone. Better yet, share it by taking a photo of yourself with it and posting it to whatever social media gods you worship.

Extra thanks for supporting my very first attempt at kids fiction. Much love to you!