Adventure time with Fionna and Cake, #1 of 6

Adventure time with Fionna and Cake, #1 of 6
Written by Natasha Allegri
Art by Natasha Allegri

For those of you who don’t have children or are fans of Cartoon Network, let me fill you in on Adventure time. In short, it takes place in a post-apocalyptic land of Ooo. The TV show has different characters but in this book, the main characters are a 14-year-old girl and her shape-shifting cat who go out to rescue baby fire lions (don’t ask) from the Ice Queen. When going out to fight she saves a fire character. This is the book in a nutshell. Did I mention that I’m not a fan of the show?

From the few episodes that I’ve seen, this book plays out like the show. The art is very basic and flows through the frames. You can follow the story pretty much without the text. The writing is simple and there isn’t much. But here, it works because the art truly does carry the story. The paneling is simple squares and fit with what the story. There is a second story at the end where the main character and a couple of her friends are going after a sweater thief. Now with that, they had a different artist and I don’t think it carried well with what was going on.

This is one that I had to put my personal feelings aside about what is on TV and go with what I had in this book. So having done that, I think this was a different way of looking at an end-of-the-world story. Each character was unique and felt like it had it’s own place and story to tell. But it was on the fringes of crazy for me, and not in the good way. I would say in my humble opinion, if you have children who are fans of the show or if you like it, get this book. If you want to try something different, check it out. If not, don’t get it. I give this 4 caps out of 5.