Britfield & the Return of the Prince

Devonfield Publishing is excited to announce the global launch of Britfield & the Return of the Prince , Book III, 15 August 2022. The anticipated sequel to Britfield & the Lost Crown and Britfield & the Rise of the Lion is projected to become an international bestseller. Located throughout Italy, the fast-paced adventure novel will complete a trilogy of the seven book series and is a masterpiece in storytelling, offering a complex and layered narrative that covers parts of Switzerland, Scotland, northern and central Italy, and Austria. Relationships will be challenged, new friendships forged, and an unparalleled finale of sacrifice, romance, revenge, and loss.

A Combination of C. S. Lewis & Dan Brown

“A Smart, Adventurous Young Adult Series for the Modern Reader.”

With the first of seven Britfield movies in development, the Theatrical Play (Fall 2022), and the Global Book Tours (2022-24), it is estimated that Britfield will eventually surpass the Harry Potter series in sales and worldwide impact. The first live-action Britfield movie is projected to become one of the highest grossing films in cinematic history, rivaling the original Star Wars (1977) and ET (1982). One of the most awarded books in fiction, the Britfield & the Lost Crown series is transforming literature and education while bringing encouragement to children and families worldwide. Creating an interactive world of adventure and learning, Britfield is about friendship, family, and courage.

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