Captain Midnight #0

Captain Midnight #0
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Joshua Williamson
Art by Victor Ibáñez & Pere Pérez

Imagine, if you will, being inspired to become a pilot because of a WWII hero who disappeared back in 1944, joining the Navy, excelling, studying everything you can about your hero and following in his footsteps? Then when you’re doing patrol in the Bermuda Triangle, his plane comes flying right at you. This is some of what happens in Captain Midnight, the latest offering from Dark Horse. Where an Allied war hero comes to our time and wants to finish his last mission. The only issue is everyone else is trying to stop him, even our government. This is why I don’t fly around Bermuda.

Looking at just the art, it truly fits on what the story is telling. It doesn’t drag the story or take away from what is being said. Also, with the detail, you feel like a part of the story. The writing also takes you away to this not to far away place in 2013, you feel a part of what’s happening. Also, the writer made sure to give you a heads up on the back story, just in case you didn’t get the preview on Free Comic Book Day. Lastly, the paneling was able to guide you through the story as well.

My son and I got the sneak peak in the issue that was given out on FCBD and I was looking forward to this coming out. I like how they hint about what’s going on but don’t tell you everything. It keeps you interested and wanting more. Also, the story could fit in our time. It could possibly happen, adding to the draw. Not to mention, this deals with one of my favorite times in history, WWII. It adds a new level that’s fun and could get people interested in learning more. In my humble opinion, I’d say pick this one up and most likely, you’ll be picking the rest of the series. I give this 4.5 caps out of 5.