Celebrate New Year’s and the Year of the Cow with us Japanese style

Now in its 32nd year at The Morikami, Oshogatsu – the traditional New Year celebratory festival is celebrated with games and entertainment throughout the museum and its gardens. The day’s activities will in clude Japan’s customary rice-pounding, making mochi rice cakes and a tea ceremony demonstration as well as kakizome, hands-on calligraphy and omikuji, fortune-telling. Don’t miss appearances by shishimai, the lion dancer and taiko drumming by Fushu Daiko. Also, don’t miss out on games such as Go, Hanetsuki, similar to badminton, Jan Ken Pon, similar to paper-rock-scissors and Fukuwarai, the Goddess of Happiness game, kite-making craft activity and bouncehouses! For more information, please visit www.morikami.org or for more info you can contact us here via our email at [email protected]..