Fanboys vs. Zombies #15

Fanboys vs. Zombies #15
Boom Studios
Written by Shane Houghton
Art by Jerry Gaylord

So, we still have nerds, geeks and techno-weenies fighting off zombies. In this issue, they’re up on a space station where they can be cured. There’s only one problem with that, one gets loose and another can’t be found. And so the zombie virus still spreads. Then as people try to not kill the zombies, so they can be save. And, as you can imagine if you’ve seen just about any zombie movie or read any zombie book, people start dropping like flies. There are bad days, then there BAD DAYS! Of course I would say something like; “It can’t get worse.” but that always invites trouble.

The writing for this was well done. Each character, I could hear their own voice, their own accent. Also, the statements worked too for the situations they were in, my only issue is you’re not made aware of what happened the last book. I liked the art because it was detailed enough to give a good feel but off just enough to help you know things are not quite right. Speaking of the art, the cover art will draw you to this book and matches the art inside of it, I like that. Lastly, the paneling was laid out in a way that you could easily follow the story but different enough to keep your interest.

I liked this book because it had the right amount of humor to match the situation. It didn’t take itself too seriously. I could see some of my comic book geek friends making comments trying to avoid every space or zombie cliché. Also, the situations that these characters get into makes sense for what is in the story. Even though it’s a tad tongue-in-cheek, what happens works. You could read this and almost say, “I know that guy.” I would get this book and a few back issues to know what’s going on, in my humble opinion. I give this 4 caps out of 5 for the reason I pointed out.