Jack Kirby’s Dingbat Love

Now shipping is Jack Kirby’s Dingbat Love, a new full-color hardcover presenting the final unpublished stories by the co-creator of the Marvel Universe.

Produced by TwoMorrows Publishing (in cooperation with DC Comics), it compiles a tempestuous trio of never-seen 1970s Kirby projects intended for DC Comics. These are the final complete, unpublished Jack Kirby stories in existence, presented here for the first time, and include:

• Two unused Dingbats of Danger Street tales (Kirby’s final Kid Gang group, inked by Mike Royer and D. Bruce Berry, and newly colored for this book). One of these stories is shown alongside Kirby’s pencil art, for a side-by-side comparison to the finished art.

• True-Life Divorce, the abandoned newsstand magazine that was too hot for its time (reproduced from Kirby’s pencil art—and as a bonus, Mike Royer was commissioned to ink one of the stories).

• Soul Love, the unseen ’70s romance book so funky, even a jive turkey will dig the unretouched inks by Vince Colletta and Tony DeZuniga. It’s presented in full-color as originally intended, along with unfinished inked pages.

The book’s editor, Kirby historian John Morrow, provides an in-depth examination of why these projects went unused, along with concept art and uninked pencils from Dingbats of Danger Street. Also featured are deluxe fold-out pages showcasing Kirby’s two-page spreads, essays by 1970s Kirby assistants Mark Evanier and Steve Sherman, and a remarkable collaboration between Jack Kirby and superstar painter Alex Ross.

A limited number of digital and print review copies are available upon request—please specify the format you prefer. If you have not reviewed for TwoMorrows previously, please include a brief list of your credentials when requesting review copies.

The editor is available for interviews upon request.

Jack Kirby’s Dingbat Love

(176-page full-color Hardcover with deluxe fold-out pages) $43.95

(Digital Edition) $14.95

ISBN-13: 978-1-60549-091-5

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