JOElanta and the Great Atlanta Toy Show

The actual show to the general public starts on Sat 29th from 10-5 and on Sun from 9:30-3:30. There are still open spots for registered guests and a variety of packages available with exclusive figures for both the 33/4″ collector and original 12″ collectors, as well as a number of planned tours of must see places around ATLANTA. Festivities begin on Sept. 27th.

Come see the parachute drop, JOElanta sponsored Film Festival, huge Star Wars diorama, navigate the obstacle course with a tank!, WCW World Champion and WWE Hall of Fame Rowdy Roddy Piper, come meet and have him sign the exclusive show Piper figure , other guests and much more! For complete information please go to and click on the 2007 25 year anniversary logo in the middle of the page.

Dealers spots still available. Please check the website for further information, contact Marten @ 678-232-2871 or contact us at [email protected]