Moonstone release April 2021

Written by: Nancy Holder, Bobby Nash

Art: Sergio Ibanez

Cover: Glen Fernandez

166pgs, squarebound, grayscale,7” x 10”, $15.99

ISBN: 978-1-944017-23-11599

Guest starring: Golden Amazon, The Veil, Bulletgirl, Woman in Red, Dara the Viking Girl, and Spirfire Sanders!

It’s full out action, adventure, romance and intrigue, as pulpdom’s blonde bombshell avenger returns! When just one hero isn’t enough, DOMINO LADY and her companions come together to: thwart a killer, stop a nefarious Nazi plot, uncover mysterious happenings on a Hollywood set, investigate the death of a woman dressed like Domino Lady, and enjoy a night out on the town where murder and mayhem ensue! This TPB collects the 2 published issues of Threesome, as well as the 3 unpublished ones!

Moonstone Double Shot (April issue): The Green Hornet

Written by: Mel Odom, Ron Fortier

Art: Sergio Ibanez

Cover: Malcom McClinton

100pgs, squarebound, b/w prose, 6” x 9”, $5.99

UPC: 685239900019

Written by Buffy/NCIS/Roswell novelist Mel Odom! Two different novellas in every issue!

Our premier issue brings the return of the Green Hornet!

When an international thief with an increasing body count on his crimes, hits the streets of Detroit, the Green Hornet and Kato set their sights on the killer crew. Whatever the target of this madness is, The Green Hornet and Kato have to take the killers down hard, still pretending that they themselves are hardened criminals!

In the second feature, I.V. Frost and Jean Moray investigate a several ton locomotive that disappeared without a trace.