MOSH (The Museum of Science and History) in Jacksonville

n May we are hosting TWO events at MOSH (The Museum of Science and History) in Jacksonville!

The first event is on May 15th: Play World Mini-Comic-Con. This will be the CLOSING PARTY for the Toytopia exhibit at the Museum. This will be one of the last chances for people to see the Toytopia exhibit before it leaves the museum.

The second event is on May 29th: Renfaire Mini-Medieval-Con. This is an OPENING PARTY for the Lost World of Dragons Exhibit. This will be the first opportunity for folks to see this awesome new exhibit and we want to bring it in with a bang! There will be both indoor and outdoor spaces available at this event.

I even have a Combo Option available for the MOSH shows if you want to do both and get a discount! For more info, go to