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Juan Cabrillo and the crew of the Oregon have undergone many hair-raising
adventures before – but never one quite like this… Find out what lies
within Clive Cussler’s The Jungle.

As heard on BBC Radio 4, To Miss With Love is the remarkable real-life
account of an inner-city school teacher; revealing the extraordinary chaos,
mismanagement and wrong-thinking in our education system.

Get stuck into our newest titles of the month with our Tasters:

The Betrayal by Helen Dunmore.
Leningrad, 1952. Andrei, a young hospital doctor, and Anna, a nursery
school teacher, are forging a life together in the postwar, postsiege
wreckage. But their happiness is precarious…

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Nominated for The Booker for his previous book In The Country of Men,
Hisham Matar’s Anatomy of a Disappearance is the delicately wrought and
emotionally powerful story of the devastating impact of a father’s
disappearance from an unconventional family. His two novels go to the heart
of what it is like for families, sons, fathers, mothers to live under a
cruel dictatorship.

Out now:
The Unnamed
Pub Walks in Underhill Country
Hothouse Flower
The Collaborator
Before I Knew You

Film & TV
Gay Talese revolutionised reportage, combining vivid descriptions, rich
storytelling and a sharp journalistic eye. Frank Sinatra Has a Cold brings
together the very best of his writing on legendary figures such as Muhammad
Ali, Joe DiMaggio and Peter O’Toole.

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Legendary legal mind and former senior law lord examines the history and
ideology behind the much used but little examined phrase ‘The Rule of Law.’
Tom Bingham argues that the rule of law underpins a fair and just society,
while also examines how this principle fares in the tumult of the
contemporary world.

Out now:
The Scramble for China
Carthage Must Be Destroyed
The Pursuit of Italy
Let Our Fame Be Great

In this exhilarating new book, Brian Greene explores our most current
understanding of the universe, its deepest laws of nature, and our
continuing quest to know more. The Hidden Reality brings together
developments in all branches of physics to show how each one leads us to
consider the possibility of a parallel universe.

Coming soon:
Here on Earth
The Beginning of Infinity
The Eerie Silence
The Rough Guide to Psychology