Polar: Came from the Cold

Polar: Came from the Cold
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Victor Santos
Art by Victor Santos

What happens to old spies when they retire? It’s been the topic of movies, comics and shows everywhere. Here, we have the Black Keiser, a retired agent trying to live out the rest of his days in peace. Yet one group, Damocles is trying to kill him because they’re cleaning out. Killing all of their old agents to prove they can close old cases. When everyone’s out to kill you, what do you do? Sit back and let them come if you’re so tired, run and try to stay ahead of them, or turn and fight and take out those who are trying to kill you? Guess what he does? This was a different style of book that I’ve reviewed before. It was an actual book but don in a black and white style with red highlights. For this story, it fit and worked.

It showed the basic “black and white” of this character’s world. As for the paneling, there were times when I kind of got lost in which way the writer wanted me to go but only a few times. There’s not that much dialog here but, it wasn’t needed. What was said by any character was what needed to be said and that’s it. No exaggeration, no forcing it in, just let the scene speak for itself.

I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect when I opened this up. The art was a little exaggerated and not the style that I like but when I got into the story (after about three pages) it made sense and flowed from there. Keiser is a character that you can feel that he’s done with that old life and is just trying to move on. You feel how Damocles is trying to prove what they are, by any means necessary. In my humble opinion, get this. If they have any more after this, get them too. I give this 4.5 caps out of 5.