REBELS from Brian Wood and Andrea Mutti is not your traditional comic book series. And yet, it does what Wood’s books do best—takes the reader to a new time and place where our own notions of right and wrong are challenged.

Right now, in the United States, we’re in the midst of a battle amongst ourselves—exploring societal flaws and injustice surrounding poverty, gender, race, and religion. As a nation we’ve taken many steps forward, and many more steps back.

REBELS is the first time delving into the history of the smaller communities that banded together to the fight against the tyranny of the British Empire. It’s those smaller communities, that lived in the wilds of Vermont and New Hampshire, who make up REBELS and give readers incredible insight into the political turmoil of the day, but also introduces us to Seth and Mercy, a young couple, embracing independence and love in the midst of war.