Star Wars: Purge, The Tyrants Fist Part 2 of 2

Star Wars: Purge, The Tyrants Fist Part 2 of 2
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Alexander Freed
Art by Marco Castiello & Andrea Chella
In this book, we are picking up after the end of “Revenge of the Sith.” The Empire is sweeping across the galaxy, sometimes they’re welcome, other times they met with resistance. This is what’s happening on planet Vaklin where the Jedi are held in high prominence that the locals forming insurgencies and are resisting; they are led by Jedi Knight Cho’na Bene. The Emperor needs to send in his top enforcer (guess who), Darth Vader to quell these and get the local population under control. Now, Vader tries the typical military attempts that keep failing, so he calls upon Oniye Namada of the Imperial Security Bureau to help and she brings a new strategy.

The look of this book is spot on. The art is solid throughout and it takes you away to this other planet and time. The paneling shifts a couple of times from having boarders to just lines separating the pictures, in this case it was not a distraction but I don’t think that it helped the story. Thankfully Dark Horse understands that you might see a book and not had the chance to read the first one because they made sure you were up to date on the story. I thought the writing brought the story out. It was a little slow in the beginning, but the way it was told, it need to be written in that way.

Overall, I liked this story and need to read the first one. I like the idea of seeing how the Empire spread and how the Jedi were almost wiped out of the history books (Almost like our own history). When I was reading this, I felt as though I was in these places, feeling my freedoms slipping away and the things I know to be true wiped off of the planet. In the end you and the characters have to make the decision to either succumb to this force or go silent to live. Get this and the first one, in my humble opinion. I give this 4 caps out of 5.