Now, the promoters of Club X-It’s infamous Electrolust night bring Steampunk alive the only way they know how. Steampunk’d is an all out goth rave that combines technology, Victorian costumes, and lots of kinky sex. You’ll be enamored by Electrolust’s multiple dance floors and DJs, all while you admire the latex addicts and fetish freaks dressing to impress. Don’t want to spill the adult version to your office co-workers when they ask “What the hell is Steampunk?” Stick with the safe geek answer.

The party goes from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m tonight and the first Friday of every month. Tickets cost $20 at the door, but you can pre-purchase them for half the cost. 18+ are welcome to watch, 21+ to swallow. Find Club X-It at 219 N. 21st Ave. in Hollywood. Visit, call 954-822-6350 or