Todd #1

Todd #1
Sphinx Group
Written by Ken Kristenson
Art by M.K. Perker

Can you imagine that you have a neighbor whose child is so ugly; he constantly wears a paper bag over his head (insert Beautiful People or Cody Rhodes jokes here for you wrestling fans)? The other local kids are constantly picking him on, not to mention no one treats him with any respect including his parents? Now you have that, let’s throw in a serial killer who is killing children and the kid with the bag on his head is blamed. Welcome to Todd’s world, not only the ugliest kid in the world, he’s got all this other stuff to deal with too.

The art for this was just what was needed to portray this world that Todd lives in, bright, detailed and just enough off to let you know things are messed up. The paneling was easy to follow because it was standard squares; the story was able to flow from frame to frame. Ok, now the writing. The story itself was easy to follow and didn’t have any holes to get lost in. The characters each had their own distinct voice and characteristics, which was good to see.

Now, I’m really still trying to figure out of I like this book or not. Here’s my issue, this particular book is like a lot of TV sitcoms from not too long ago where nothing positive could happen to the primary character of that weeks story. That’s the only thing I was getting from this book, everyone kept putting Todd down and he accepted it, it’s not to my taste. Now, I know this is just the first issue and they didn’t finish the story, so there could be more and things might brighten up for Todd, but I don’t know if I want to keep reading to find out. In my humble opinion, I’d say thumb through it at the store, if the art or something else catches you, buy it. I give this 3.5 caps out of 5.