UB40 Rides Into Fort Lauderdale

UB40 Named after a British unemployment benefit form and its multiracial lineup reflected the working-class community its members came from. The band consolidated its street credibility with political topics appealing to dissatisfied youth and got a boost from fans of the waning 2-Tone ska-revival movement. Brothers Robin (lead guitar) and Ali Campbell (guitar, lead vocals) formed the centerpiece of the group, which also included bassist Earl Falconer, keyboardist Mickey Virtue, saxophonist Brian Travers, drummer Jim Brown, percussionist Norman Hassan, and toaster Terence “Astro” Wilson. Come and check them out Monday, April 17, 2007 at 8 p.m. Club Revolution will be have tickets for sale either at the club or via Ticketmaster. You can contact club revolution or contact us here via our email at event@theeventmagazine.com…[more]