A Voice in the Dark: Killing game Part 1

A Voice in the Dark: Killing game Part 1
Top Cow Productions, Inc.
Written by Larime Taylor
Art by Larime Taylor

Zoey Aarons has murdered in the past, enjoyed it and got away with it (how’s that to start things off?). Now, she’s been given a scholarship to a high priced university to try and move on, but fate has something else planned for her. To try and feed her need to murder but not get her hands dirty, she hosts an anonymous radio call in show so she can listen to others desires for murder. Only on her first show someone calls about her abusive parents and kills them, now what for poor Zoey? Trust me folks, it wasn’t as good as I made it out to be.

I’m finding that I like art that is more detailed in nature. This book was done with more curves and not that much detail, not my thing though the female characters were drawn with more realistic features. Not much to say for the paneling, simple squares. I’m guessing that’s going to be the norm now. The cover art does draw your attention, yet it’s different art from what’s in the book. Also, the cover is in color and the book, or at least the version I got was in black and white. Lastly, the writing wasn’t bad, but I got bored with the story and there wasn’t a driving force to push me to the next page.

Now, I understand what the writer was trying to do, introduce you to the characters, the setting and the situation. The only thing was, there was no real suspense built, there was no scene to make you see what is behind Zoey’s eyes of why she wants to kill or how being behind the microphone on air is going to quell that feeling. She has roommates that are diverse and have their own voices but if the story is focusing on Zoey, there’s little there to get to know her. Read this one in the story and leave it, in my humble opinion. I give this 1 caps out of 5.