Moonstone Nov ’23 Realease: Kolchak, Airboy

KOLCHAK: Dead Reckoning
Author: Eric Fein
Cover Art: Michael Stribling
6” x 9”, novel, bw, 160pgs, $13.99
ISBN: 978-1-944017-94-151399
Sometimes when you want to attain your dreams, you’ve got to spill a little blood to do it. That’s what investigative reporter Carl Kolchak learns when he looks into a series of gruesome murders that plague the City of Angels. Despite warnings from the police to stay out of their homicide investigation, Kolchak barrels headfirst into danger to expose the ancient evil wreaking havoc upon his city. Along the way, he teams up with a brand-new pulp hero, Nina Ashbourne: The Huntress of Horror. Can they survive the deadly reckoning that awaits them off the coast of California on an island of death?

Authors: Bobby Nash, Jeff Limke
Cover Art: Erik Kreffel
6” x 9”, prose, bw, 90pgs, $8.99
UPC: 685239899153
The Lone Ranger stars in “Ghosts of the Past”, while Airboy, Iron Ace, Flying Dutchman, Black Angel, and Skywolf are embroiled in “Operation Wolf Hunt”.