Eye of Newt #1 of 4

Eye of Newt #1 of 4
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Michael Hague
Art by Michael Hague
Newt knows of magic, he trusts his master teacher to show him all he needs to know. Now, he is going for his final test, to venture to another magical world to retrieve an element for his staff’s headpiece (fun times). As he walks the path to get familiar with it, Newt meets a creature that gives him a gift to help him. Upon returning, his master has him stay with two other wizards who turn out to be not so trustworthy (something that doesn’t help him much). Now Newt must start his quest with more than he expected to think about.

The art in this book matched the story so well. The look is that of tapestries hanging in a castle, telling you the story. This includes the cover art as well, one of things I like. Also, the paneling matched that feel. They were separated by what looked like knitting knots, thorn branches or other items. Lastly, the writing worked for the most part. But I did find one area where there was bad sentence structure in the early part, that kind of threw me off where I had to read the talk bubble a few times. That was the only thing I could find wrong with this.

As I said, one small mess up but overall this was a fun read. The feelings I got reading it was that I was either walking through that castle, looking at the tapestries or sitting at a fire during the Renascence, hearing the tale of Newt. It draws you in and you worry with Newt, you wonder about his master and the other characters. What’s the whole story? In my humble opinion, I would buy this, read it, wait for the second to come out and read it as well. I give this 4.5 caps out of 5.