Ragemoor #3 of 4

Ragemoor #3 of 4
Dark Horse Comics
Written by Jan Strnad
Art by Richard Corben

I’m going to try and describe what I read in this issue so you can follow. A young lord, Herbert, is trying to protect baboons on his estate from a poacher by the name of Tristano. The butler is trying to get him to realize his other duties, like having an heir, but the butler is taking an extract of a plant that is giving him visions (with me so far?). Oh and the castle or home is alive and there are creatures living beneath it. I think that covers everything. All I could say as I was reading this was, huh?

Let’s get into the critical part of this; I’ll start with the art. It’s drawn in black and white, which adds to the ominous feeling of the story, a small plus there. The features were exaggerated to lend another bit of oddness. As for the paneling, simple basic squares and forms so they were easy to follow. Now, I have to get into the story. The biggest issue is nothing was said about the first two issues, plus what was on the page couldn’t give me enough of a back-story to have any sense of what was happening. So, me picking this up cold, I haven’t the foggiest idea what to think.

Most of the times when I get an issue in the middle of the story, either there’s a blurb on the inside cover to say here’s what happened before, not here. Reading this, I was lost from the word go. The story did move but I didn’t know the starting point or the partial destination that was at the end of the book. I couldn’t make heads or tails of anything that was said. Now, I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt that had I been given books one and two, I’d know what was happening (but I have a feeling, I wouldn’t). If you see this and haven’t read the first two leave it, in my humble opinion. I give this 2 caps out of 5.