The Unprofessionals Chapter 2: Spiderman

The Unprofessionals Chapter 2: Spiderman
Sphinx group
Written by Colin Rankine
Art by Moreno

I just finished reading The Unprofessionals “A Sociopathic Bromance” where two detectives are investigating a murder where a person is murdered with sharpened piece of rebar fashioned into a sword. Their boss sends them to the FBI where a former detective tells them he believes this murder is the work of a copycat from a long dead hitman. There’s a bunch of other stuff that’s going on as well that’s are factors to everything going on. Once again, this is an issue that I needed to read the first one to have a full grasp of what’s going on.

Let’s start this with the art. I would say they were done with a look of watercolors and pen. It gave the story a gritty feel that you’d expect from a cop show or book, which I liked. Even the paneling pushed the story and feel of the story. For the most parts it was basic squares with a few panels larger or splashed out to add to the effect. Again, I liked this feel it was giving the story. Now, I get to the writing. There was nothing to tell me what was going on in the first book, so the reader is going in cold. Because this is telling multiple stories relating to the murder, I was lost at times because there wasn’t something to tie everything in.

Now, I like the gritty, city cop shows where the city becomes another character. Here, the writer and artist were, I think, trying to achieve this but in doing so, I think they lose something bring the reader together. Again, if they would have said what happened in the first book, I would be able to follow better. The main characters were strong but to me, the other ones didn’t have that same strength. If you want to pick this book up, I have to say that you’ll want to get the first one as well. So, you can better know what the full situation is, in my humble opinion. I give this 2.5 caps out of 5.