NBM Presents

Salvatore Vol. 2: An Eventful Crossing is the next chapter of this highly acclaimed off-the-wall nominated for an Eisner series that never ceases to astonish and amuse! Salvatore the crack dog mechanic has now finished his rig and is off to all the way out somewhere in Latin America to his sweetheart pooch he has been pining for. His trip which he takes with his reluctant assistant, a minuscule human who communicates only through his PC, goes all the way through Russia and the Bering Straits, a route he characterizes as epic but is really designed to avoid the seas which Salvatore is deadly afraid of.

On the way, there are many temptations such as the pretty cat Julie who, as it turns out, has adopted the missing piglet Amandine the Sow has been so desperately spending her last penny trying to find while, unbeknownst to her, the rest of her litter is busy in a lucrative endeavor of bio recycling.

Based on one of the most fondly remembered mystery and horror radio shows in history and presented in striking black & white is Ernie Colón’s love letter to the thrilling radio series.

The book features four stories:

The Horla: A man is haunted by a mysterious, grotesque being only he can see? It seeks to enslave him, but in the end reveals its true intent?to destroy him. Death of a Doll: An unidentified corpse in the morgue intrigues a reporter, who sets out to identify her and how she died. On her was a doll which cries Kara Nana, another name for the devil. The Undead: A young woman discovers an obituary for her living husband. Alive in the Grave: Seeing a man collapse in an alley, our hero rushes to help only to find that the man is dead. Jobless and desperate, he takes the man’s wallet, only to find out later he may not have been dead! He rushes back only to find that the man has been removed and buried, perhaps alive.

Bubbles & Gondola
NBM’s ComicsLit is proud to present a new talent from France, Renaud Dillies and his magical, luminescent and quietly inspiring book, Bubbles & Gondola.

Charlie the Mouse
In an anthropomorphic world, we meet Charlie the Mouse, an author with writer’s block. He is shy, doesn’t get out much and can’t find inspiration for his next book.

A bird named Solitude comes to visit him to keep him company. We’re never sure he actually exists but in Charlie’s mind, yet he brings him out into the world, dares him to experience the unknown, unblocking his little existence…

A drama about the blank page for Charlie, who so wants to make the world more beautiful with his writing, we are transported into a tender and moving tale with a twinge of lyrical melancholy yet sweet, warm and ultimately elevating.

With this graphic novel, whose mystifying title will become clear as you read it, Dillies’ deceptively simple cartooning talent soars, inspired by and honoring Herriman and Krazy Kat but also reminiscent of St-Exupery’s simple bewitching classic “The Little Prince.”