Penguins Books For December

She has lived through the Blitz and World War Two, the sex and spy scandals
of the swinging sixties, the Cold War and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Our
world has changed more in her lifetime than in any of her predecessors;
Sarah Bradford
tells all in the biography of Queen Elizabeth II.

In Empire State of Mind, Zack O’Malley Greenburg tells the story behind
Jay-Z’s rise to the top.

More biographies:
Stephanie Madoff Mack tells the story of the Madoff family in The End of
John Lewis Gaddis’s biography of George F Kennan
Crime & thriller

John le Carré’s thrillers still hold a grip on the post-Cold War generation
of readers with their elegant mix of suspense, intrigue and moral ambiguity.

Check out our eye-catching new issues of his classic books.

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Bestselling author Charles Brokaw brings you The Lucifer Code
The classic Payment Deferred by C. S. Forester
Assassins’ Creed: Revelations by Oliver Bowden

The Forgotten Lies by Kerry Jamieson shows how in 1935 Hollywood, fame can
bring a terrible scrutiny, and although you can run away from the past, in
the glare of the spotlight you can’t always hide.

Jack Kerouac’s arresting first novel, The Sea is My Brother, was not
published in his lifetime. It deals with “man’s simple revolt from society
as it is, with the inequalities, frustration, and self-inflicted agonies”.

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The fate of the human world is at stake in Nightlife by Rob Thurman
Terry McMillan’s touching Getting to Happy
No Way to Say Goodbye by Anna McPartlin

The Golden Age by Hugh Thomas explores the Spanish Empire of Charles V,
bringing alive one of the most extraordinary and influential moments in
High Renaissance and world history.

Examining a very different era, Sam Howe Verhovek’s Jet Age offers an
insight into the fascinating technology that permanently changed our
conception of distance and time.

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Elizabeth Keri Manhon’s Scandalous Women
Traces Remain, a series of essays and explorations by Charles Nicholl
Girls of Murder City by Douglas Perry
Politics & society

The AK-47, or ‘Kalashnikov’, is the most abundant and efficient firearm on
earth. It is so light it can be used by children. It has transformed the
way we fight wars, and its story is the chilling story of modern warfare.
C. J. Chivers’s extraordinary new book tells an alternative history of the
world as seen through these terrible weapons.

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Businessmen Need Philosophy and The Untouchables, where Shane Ross
questions how democratic Ireland really is today.

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