Skins are now “in”

From stocking stuffers to the perfect gift for every geek, CyberINK has an entire new product line this holiday season. Their new line of skeleton image skins for iPads 2 and 3 a well as iPhone 5 are officially now available for order. A fan favorite at museums, bookstores and online, their new designs include Bathtub Billy as well as new designs like Swimmer Skeleton on iPads. On iPhone 5 will be Ear Phone Eddy, whose skull shakes with the music, and Skateboarder Skeleton. Orders can be made at

In addition to the new line, CyberINK will focus on its Snowy Village items as top sellers for the Holiday season. A stunning winter scene of skeletons strolling home from work with briefcases, holding hands and walking a dog are top sellers on CyberINK’s posters and water bottles. A special combining the two will run from Halloween to New Years Day.

CyberINK plans to add skins for other types of smartphones and tablets, and sleeves or pouches for laptops in the near future. Its current line includes mugs, environmentally friendly water bottles, posters and mouse pads.

CyberINK’s skeleton products are sold in bookstores and museums across the country, often in conjunction with a Body World exhibit. The products are also available on and posters are available on, at medical bookstores, and many museums.

Starting this month, the world’s Dark Horse graphic novels arrive on Kindle. Look for more and more titles to be added every month!