The B Movie Celebration presents

This September 23-25, if you are anywhere near Indiana you need to stop by the B-Movie Celebration to bear witness to the unveiling of the annual event’s newest addition, the World Festival of the Scream Queens and its scream queen contest.
Debbie Rochon, sound designer Patrick Giraudi, Eric Rose, composer Chuck Cirino and b-movie icon Fred Olen Ray will judge a bevy of contestants in what is sure to be a intense, and loud, competition.

From the B-Movie site: “One by one, our contestants will parade in front of our judges who will be looking for the best scream, short horror monologue, and the best answer to a series of questions such as, ‘If you were chased by a zombie in real life, what would you do?'”

The prize is a guest host spot on Fangoria TV and, to again quote the B-Movie Celebration website, “the fame that comes along with winning,” the scream queen contest. For more info, go to