The Kulcha Shok Muzik

Bostons on the Beach is proud to host The KULCHA SHOK MUZIK Reggae & Surf Tour Thursday August 16 featuring 4th Dimension, Made Of Hemp, plus special guest David Kirton from Barbados doing an acoustic set, a surf movie premiere in the name of ‘Diary Of A Surfer,’ that is only available on this tour and LANCE-O as the dj/host. 4th Dimension has their new album coming out ‘Invazion.’ Made of Hemp is working on their debut album thru Kulcha Shok called ‘Shacked’ & David Kirton’s modern roots sound is supporting his best effort yet with ‘Time Fo A Change. Your host & DJ, LANCE-O provides a good mix of positive energy to keep the vibe flowing all night long while the ‘Dairy’ takes you on a journey with several South Florida pro surfers thru Hawaii, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico & more. A package full of entertainment

Bostons will also be raffling off an Al Merrick Surfboard, and other great prizes as part of their regular Thursday Night Surf Night. Drink Specials such as $3 Jagers, $3 Landsharks, the drink wheel for other specials, and the Coastal Surf And Ski “Wheel of Fortune.” For mofre information, go to or or contact us at [email protected].