The Rook Volume Six

Pro Se Press, a leader in New Pulp fiction, is extremely proud to announce the first of many releases penned by Veteran Pulp Author Barry Reese and starring Reese’s best known creation, THE ROOK! THE ROOK: VOLUME SIX by Reese is now available from Pro Se Press!

Already established as one of the best known heroes of The New Pulp Movement, The Rook takes on his greatest adventures in VOLUME SIX. Reese ups the ante significantly for Max Davies, millionaire and vision driven vigilante, by setting The Rook against Sun Koh, Prince of Atlantis in the lead story, THE SCORCHED GOD! A character from German pulps of the 1930s, Sun Koh is essentially the Germanic Doc Savage and comes up against The Rook in order to take his supposed rightful place as ruler of the world. Assisted by a variety of interesting villains, most notably The Furies, three women, each one representing an Axis nation. What chance does any mere mortal man have against a near Godlike being and his bevy of deadly beauties? Fortunately, there is nothing ‘mere’ about The Rook in ‘THE SCORCHED GOD!’

The Rook continues to deliver two fisted justice in two other tales included in VOLUME SIX! Taking a trip to the Old West like no one ever has, The Rook hopes to help lost souls clear up ‘SINS OF THE PAST’! And The Rook appears for the first time ever in a story with Reese’s latest and greatest New Pulp hero! Lazarus Gray, of Pro Se’s SOVEREIGN CITY PROJECT, stands side by side with The Rook as they take on evil and injustice in ‘DARKNESS, SPREADING ITS WINGS OF BLACK’!

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