Wizard World Austin Follow Up

On October 11th, The Event Magazine had the opportunity to attend a comic book convention located in the heart of Austin, Tx. In its second year, Wizard World Austin Comic Book convention became a nirvana for nerds. In observance on the crowd and fans, we had the opportunity to talk about characters and shows such as Dr. Who, Star Trek, the Stargate franchise, and Star Wars without receiving blank looks, people rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. We stopped two fans and asked them some questions. Alex and his daughter had stated that they had pure enjoyment and enthusiasm for the wonderful show. They also noticed top notch talent for comic book artists signing and displaying their handiworks and he also stated that his daughter loved being a big Manga fan which set itself apart from other conventions.

The Event Magazine was also able to have a friendly conversation with Alaina Huffman who was one of the main characters of Stargate: SGU as well as a recurring character on Smallville. She was very friendly and seemed to enjoy our conversation. It was a big highlight of our evening.

Even though we could only attend Friday night due to additional events going on, we would highly recommend this this great comic book convention to anyone in Austin, TX.